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Sales Dates:  2010:Q1 – Present

Distinguishing Product Features:

  • Third generation tankless unit (succeeding Gen III).  Unit utilizes batch process to dose insecticide from bottle of concentrate and water from faucet prior to misting.
  • In contrast to Gen III (and Gen II), where the controller read data from a RFID tag on bottle’s PRO-CAP to control dosing, this information is stored in the controller’s memory.  The Gen III+ Plus Cap does not contain any RFID technology.
  • Bellows pump used to dose insecticide concentrate.

Maintenance Notes:

  • Replacement for all components available
  • Gen III may be converted to Gen III+ by installing Gen III+ firmware on existing controller

Parts Diagrams:

gen iii+ front gen iii+ exploded gen iii+ switch
gen iii+ top down gen iii+insecticide dosing unit gen iii+ front cutaway

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